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Circulator Ghz

NARDA Ferrite Isolator 9.8-12.4GHz RF Circulator


DITOM Circulator D3C0120 SMA 1.7 - 2.0 GHz Used RF DiTom 150 watts


6.8-8.4GHz RF CIRCULATOR ISOLATOR RYT Industries Tested


Renaissance RF Circulator Isolator 3A4NCG around 2GHz


RENAISSANCE R3A2NFE Circulator 1GHz 0.3 dB loss 30dB isolation SMA 150W NEW


Teledyne Microwave T-7S83T-20 Circulator / Isolator, 7.6-18 GHz


Cobham M3E-8250 (A98-21415) RF Circulator 7.1-8.4 GHz 50ohms NEW


Hughes Aircraft Model 1054A Microwave Circulator 2.5GHz Free Shipping


Teledyne Microwave T-7S83T-40 Circulator / Isolator, 7.6-18 GHz




RF Microwave Circulator 2.0-2.2GHz 3-Ports SMA(f) Isolator Antenna Transceiver


Mica Microwave 7Y213 C-005S07 RF Circulator 5.725-5.875GHz SMA(m) 3-Port NEW 139


M2 GLOBAL / Harris 094-037763-001 CIRCULATOR COAX 3.6-4.2GHZ, NFSFSF


NEW Mica Mercury T103S01 3.6 GHz to 4.2 GHz SMA Isolator Circulator


NEW Mil Spec RF Coaxial Ferrite Circulator 4.4-5GHz 5820-00-146-1259


ALCATEL Ferrocom 60D165-07 RF Microwave Isolator / Circulator 23dB 17.9-21.2GHz


Mil Spec 265485-03 Ferrite Isolator 2.3-2.7GHz RF Circulator w/ test data


Trak Microwave 50A3001 RF Isolator Circulator 2-4GHz 50.97 dBm


Teledyne ISOLATOR Circulator Model C2022, 2.05-4.10GHz


alcatel Microwave RF Isolator Circulator 10-15GHz 16dB isolation 1dB Loss


4-8Ghz Coaxial Circulator SMA MTC


Siemens Microwave Circulator S42015-K645-A13 apprx 7GHz


Harris Microwave RF Isolator Circulator 8.8-10.8 GHZ


Microwave RF Alcatel Circulator1803 17.7-19.7 GHz WR42


RENAISSANCE 3A8BABL Circulator, 20 dB isolation, 8.5-10.0 GHz USED


Avantek 8.6-9.5GHz RF Circulator evaluation sample with test data REDUCED PRICE


millitech JFD-28 Flange waveguide ISOLATOR + CIRCULATOR WR-28 35GHz


17.7-19.7Ghz TKI Waveguide Circulator WR-42 WR42 NEW




RCA 2.1GHz RF Circulator Isolator MI-48402-1


Harris Microwave RF Isolator Circulator 3.4-4.2GHz 22dB isolation


Teledyne ISOLATOR Circulator Model C-2S43A-1 2.0-3.3GHz (HP 0960-0046) SMA (F)


TRAK Microwave 20B9201 RF Isolator Circulator 8-12GHz 34.77 dBm


Microwave Associates M/A-Com MA7L508 RF Isolator Circulator 1.8-2.2GHz 2.1Ghz


WR-75 WR75 11.7-12.5Ghz Waveguide Circulator Mixer